Fluoroscopy MachinesTwo disciplines, one flow: Whether patient-side or remote, our broad portfolio of imaging systems combines fluoroscopy and radiography in one. 

How can you improve the return on investment of a potentially underutilized fluoroscopy system? By combining fluoroscopy and radiography in one! Our cutting-edge patient-side and universal remote fluoroscopy systems enhance utilization, eliminate the need for an additional system and room, and significantly reduce costs.

Experience high-quality, low-dose dynamic and static imaging for all types of patients with our advanced technology. Streamline your workflow, improve patient care, and maximize your equipment investment today.

Better yet, benefit from our rich history in and passion for fluoroscopy.

We introduced our first X­ray system with fluoroscence in 1896 and we have not stopped innovating since. Over the years, we've focused on the patient experience, clinical outcomes that matter to them, on user assistance and have introduced advanced dose­ saving functionalities and increased access to care. It is safe to say: We are fluoroscopy.

All our systems offer:

  • Intelligent image acquisition and post-processing
  • Complete integration of radiography and fluoroscopy into 1 generator, 1 user interface, 1 workflow
  • Excellent visualization for reliable diagnosis
  • Seamless/intuitive and time-saving workflows
  • Height-adjustable table
  • Radiation-free positioning

Discover our Portfolio

  1. Bucky wall stand
    Automatic tube tracking for smooth exam preparation

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