Scaled for Value. Sized for You.

Developed from extensive customer research gathered from hundreds of healthcare leaders, xEntial™ aligns your less critical systems with a scaled level of service. Reduce costs, maximize value across your fleet—and experience the peace of mind that only Siemens Healthineers provides.


We asked over 300 of you about your equipment and service needs. In all, you told us approximately 40% of your equipment is less critical.

“Sure, some systems are mission-critical. Others? Not so much. We have varying service needs across our fleet.1"

Equipment essential for patient care especially in high-risk environments that requires uninterrupted availability is considered highly critical. But what about the rest of your fleet? Less critical equipment typically includes equipment used for elective and non-emergency care, and has different service needs.

Introducing xEntial - a new approach to service delivery with criticality in mind. With xEntial you can right-size your service costs and balance your fleet, creating value across your organization. And who better to service your equipment than the company that innovated it?

Key Benefits

Designed by our customers, refined through our experience. xEntial offers you benefits that go beyond a simple break /fix approach. Explore how xEntial creates value across your entire organization.

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Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Ensure Siemens Healthineers quality maintenance for your lesser critical systems

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Reduce spend

Reduced spend

Lower costs with competitive pricing on parts and labor.

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Seamless experience

Seamless customer experience

Mobile access to service and documentation, usage reports, education and training.

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Optimized response

Optimized onsite response

Flexibility to spread risk across your fleet by pooling onsite service events across multiple systems.


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