A new methodology to assess your service strategy


Outcomes that help to optimize the patient experience are the critical focus of medical organizations —                          and rightfully so.

You need to be assured that your equipment is available in the most critical moments. But you also face the challenge of balancing the cost of that availability.

Introducing criticality. Now you can ensure value and clinical outcomes in your service strategy.

Assessing criticality

CT scan machine SOMATOM Drive for patients
Patient outcomes

How does system availability affect high-stakes patient outcomes?

Clinical Operations

Operational impacts

Do you have redundancy in your fleet to share the load in the event of unanticipated downtime?

Healthcare consulting

Financial impacts

Are typical patient throughputs, exam volumes and reimbursements affected by unexpected interruptions?



Will issues with your imaging systems lead patients to choose other providers?

What's your criticality score?

Service plans

We have a service solution for every level of criticality

CentriCare, The most valuable offering of a life.

Highly critical

Equipment that is essential for patient care under typical operating conditions. Any downtime leads to imminent negative impacts.

Siemens Performance Plans

Moderately critical

Equipment that is important for patient care where downtime causes disruptions in operations. Typically these disruptions will not significantly impact patient care.

CS xEntial

Less critical

Redundant equipment or equipment used for elective non-emergent care. Operations and patient care are minimally impacted by equipment downtime.

Criticality whitepaper

Without an understanding of the criticality of individual imaging systems, healthcare providers may experience a misalignment between the functional use of their equipment and the investment in maintenance and service for that equipment.
Criticality assessments can help maximize the value of a service plan while balancing costs across your fleet or enterprise, ultimately helping you optimize clinical operations.

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