Non-clinical drug testing

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Testing doesn’t only happen in the laboratory. Siemens Healthineers serves a variety of locations and industries with non-clinical drug testing solutions to identify the misuse of drugs, monitor compliance, and enable early intervention and treatment. These vital test results help support a safer and healthier population.

Dedicated drug testing systems

Drug testing management assays

Syva® Oxycodone L1

Since 1972, Syva® EMIT has been the trusted brand in drug testing. Syva Emit® reagents are one of the most widely used and extensively validated reagents in the industry. Siemens has a comprehensive opioid menu to meet the needs of health networks—from small facilities to large institutions.

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50 years of accuracy & reliability

Syva has been instrumental in developing urine drug screening and with over 50 years in the business, Syva has remained committed to developing accurate & reliable solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

New! Community health checkup

Testing saves lives. But how do you know which tests your community needs most? Using this powerful new tool, you can identify health concerns—including drug overdoses—right in your own community.

Get the real statistics of overdose rates in your community. Download a free health report today.

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