Drug testing improves treatment model for substance-abuse centerSee how Community Recovery Resources (CoRR) utilized drug testing more effectively to increase compliance

Community Recovery Resources (CoRR) is a nonprofit drug- and alcohol-treatment center in Grass Valley, CA. In an effort to utilize drug testing more effectively, CoRR partnered with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics to integrate the Viva-E® System at every possible level of the center’s treatment model. As a result, CoRR was able to foster increased safety in the community by allowing patients to maintain clean and sober lives while testing for compliance.

In this video, you’ll hear from:

  • Warren Daniels III, MA, LAADC, CCJP, Chief Executive Officer, CoRR
  • Jeff Jones, LAADC, Clinical Director, CoRR
  • Steve Mason, Co-Case Manager, Nevada County Adult Felony Drug Court
  • Marley Mueller, Development Associate and CoRR Alumni

Clinical Director Jeff Jones says in the video, “The Viva-E System has actually taken us to the next level in cutting-edge treatment. And I couldn't imagine doing what we do without it today. We couldn't be as effective.”

Watch the video or click here to learn more about what drug-testing diagnostics can offer:

  • Integrated, full-spectrum drug-testing diagnostics for detection of drugs of abuse and measurement of therapeutic drug levels
  • A more complete picture of which substances are affecting the functionality and/or health status of an individual—vital information for decision making
  • A complete menu of EMIT® tests to help you make confident decisions with minimal turnaround time
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