The SOMATOM go. platform
Make success your daily business

Changes in demographics and the healthcare market create a challenging situation for healthcare providers. The market, however, also holds opportunities. You can profit, for example, from the reimbursement of advanced clinical fields. And from implementing innovative ways to boost patient throughput.

To help you thrive in this environment, we have developed a new family of CT scanners that lets you deliver better outcomes to more patients: the SOMATOM® go. platform with the four scanners SOMATOM go.Now, SOMATOM go.Up, SOMATOM go.All, and SOMATOM go.Top.

We designed the SOMATOM go. scanners together with you, our customers, to make this equipment a perfect fit when it comes to helping you achieve daily success.


 SOMATOM go.Top is built for personalization of processes and care, allowing every operator to optimally adapt to individual patients and indications - and produce excellent CT results for the full clinical spectrum.


Standardizing procedures and results, SOMATOM go.All enables all users to confidently take on advanced fields in computed tomography - while interacting with patients in a more personalized way than ever before. 


SOMATOM go.Up opens up the field of preventive care for routine operations, so that providers profit from advanced clinical results and from expanding their CT business while keeping an eye on profitability. 


If you are looking to replace your previous system or just starting out in CT imaging, SOMATOM go.Now makes high-quality care accessible and helps you run a successful CT business.



It all started with you

The SOMATOM go. platform started with extensive customer interviews. We wanted to know what your everyday needs and challenges are. Then, in co-creation sessions, we asked you what your ideal computed tomography scanner would look like.

Based on this, our engineers built a completely new CT platform specifically designed to overcome the obstacles associated with acquiring, operating, and maintaining a CT system: The SOMATOM go. platform.

Work more efficiently and patient-friendly

The SOMATOM go. platform introduces an entirely new approach to operating the scanner. Built around a new mobile workflow, it features a line-up of innovative solutions, including a tablet and remote control. Experience an unparalleled level of flexibility, mobility, and patient-friendliness in daily CT procedures.

"The mobile workflow: More than ever, the patient is in the center of the whole examination."

Carla Susana Ribeiro Pinto, CT radiographer at Centro Hospitalar de São João, Porto, Portugal

Address your workflow beyond the scanner

The SOMATOM go. platform also features a set of intuitive technologies for workflow automation: GO technologies, available in both routine scanning and advanced clinical fields. By reducing repetitive workflow steps, GO technologies help you standardize and simplify all departmental processes - from patient setup to image distribution, archiving, and reading. 


Expand your clinical portfolio

The SOMATOM go platform allows healthcare providers to serve a broad range of clinical fields. Built on intuitive technology and workflows, it enables all users to deliver excellent results in routine examinations such as oncology and orthopedic exams. Additionally, all SOMATOM go. scanners feature dedicated solutions for safe and easy CT-guided intervention. Some members of the SOMATOM go. family also offer great capabilities in acute care or cardiac CT, for example.

Profit from seamless service support

The SOMATOM go. platform offers you our comprehensive Siemens Healthineers Remote Service and simple maintenance processes. It connects you to our digital platforms - SRS, PEPconnect1, and LifeNet.  This allows you to receive seamless support, better user education and a CT scanner that is easier to maintain. 


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