SOMATOM go. platform and GO Technologies

We focused on intuitive guidance for all users, on easy operation, on time-saving and helpful reconstruction tools and on zero-click post processing.

GO technologies form a holistic set of features addressing the workflow even beyond the scan itself. By combining user guidance, automation, and intuitive design, they make patient preparation, image acquisition, reconstruction, reading, and data distribution easier and more efficient.

SOMATOM go.Up features a holistic set of intuitive solutions that addresses your workflow not only at the scanner but also beyond. By reducing repetitive workflow steps, GO technologies help standardize and simplify all departmental processes. You can therefore work more efficiently and focus on your patients – two factors key to running a successful business.

Siemens Healthineers - CT scanner - SOMATOM go.Up - Scan&GO


  • Use a tablet to set up your CT procedures
  • Choose whether to operate the scanner at the gantry or from outside the room
  • Benefit from faster exam preparation and patient positioning


Siemens Healthineers - CT scanner - SOMATOM go.Up - Check&GO


  • An intelligent algorithm that flags problems with coverage or contrast media distribution as they occur
  • Correct issues on the go, prevent subsequent errors in multiphase scans, and avoid archiving suboptimal images


Siemens Healthineers - CT scanner - SOMATOM go.Up - Recon&GO


  • Performs zero-click postprocessing, making it part of the standard reconstruction tasks
  • As a ready-to-read technology it saves time and cuts down on workflow steps
Siemens Healthineers - CT scanner - SOMATOM go.Up - CT View&GO

CT View&GO

  • An all-in-one, cross-specialty viewing solution that provides a large variety of clinical applications
  • Tools for smooth reading in just one workflow
  • Customizable user interface to tailor the system to your needs

Guide&Go - CT guided interventions

  • Intuitive finger gestures that enable you to pan, zoom and measure distances quickly and precisely 
  • Replace the conventional joystick control with tablet-based CT guided interventional solution 
  • Perform one or more sequential scans to target lesions with confidence and accuracy
  • Help make interventional procedures safer by enabling scanning with our Tin Filter Technology to better control radiation dose. 


Cardiac procedures using GO Technologies

  • Prepare the whole procedure next to the patient with easy electrode handling, ECG monitoring and personalized breathing instructions, for enhanced image quality and patient comfort
  • Make cardiac procedures easy with technology capable of adapting to virtually every patient
  • Benefit from reduced motion artifacts and automatic Best Phase detection for enhanced diagnostic confidence
  • Optimize your clinical pathways and rule out coronary artery disease (CAD) efficiently, thanks to Recon&GO's zero-click radial and cross-sectional CPRs


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