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As procedures begin to resume during the pandemic, you may face large patient volumes—those whose procedures were delayed and those already scheduled. To optimize clinical operations, you’ll need a C-arm that can support your cases, your staff, and your practice, all while balancing cost-efficiency.

Differentiating between C-arms for pain management

When it’s time to decide which C-arm to use for pain management interventions, there are 3 questions you should ask to optimize clinical operations:

  • How cost-effective will it be for my practice?
  • Will the image quality support precise interventions?
  • How maneuverable and easy to learn is the system?
Cost Effective Ownership

There are several factors that contribute to the total cost of a C-arm system in the surgical pain management setting, including: cost of purchase, cost to operate, reliability, infection control, and impact on staff training. If you’re already using fluoroscopy, you can obtain high image quality while limiting many of the above costs.

The Cios Select has proven reliability with 99.8% system availability. A system with little downtime is one you can rely on to continue improving the patient experience. A wireless footswitch can support easier cleaning and infection control, and color-coded axes and brakes support intuitive handling. The user interface is the same across all imaging modalities so you and your staff can quickly and intuitively operate.

With its proven image intensifier technology, the Cios Select can help you reach your goals to have a cost-effective system. The system is currently available for as low as $1,015/month.*


From epidural steroid and sacroiliac injections to nerve ablation and nerve blocks, patient needs for chronic pain management can differ. A system like the Cios Select can image laterally and in the toughest spots like the shoulder and neck or cervical to help your staff get the images they need.

For the safety of patients and staff, dose is extremely important. To help, the Cios Select features an integrated laser light localizer that enables quick, confident, radiation-free C-arm positioning. The system comes with either high-resolution flat detector or image intensifier technology with an easy dose level selection, which further helps support low-dose programs.


System maneuverability is key to a more precise targeted needle path. An easy-to-move system means staff can approach the site from different angles and, potentially, better visualize critical anatomy during the procedure. The Cios Select is a fully counter balanced system, which allows for easy transitions from one angle to the next. With a dual HD monitor trolly, you can position the screens for easy viewing.

One of the lightest Mobile C-arms in its class, the Cios Select offers a lightweight, highly movable design. With a small footprint and a large immersion depth for better patient access, the system was engineered with access in mind, offering easy maneuverability and simple touch screen capabilities to support extensive angulation capabilities for precise surgical interventions.

Webinar: Advanced Pain Care

Recorded Webinar
Hosted by Carolina Spine Center and Siemens Healthineers
Moderator: Dr. Paul Singh, Neema Patel and Preston Fisher.
Dr. Singh is the founder and medical director of four pain management practices in North Carolina.


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