Cios Select

Cios Select

Select smart imaging

The Cios Select is equipped with proven, high-quality image intensifier technology, enhanced by IDEAL dose management, a wireless footswitch, and advanced cyber security. The result is a system that delivers excellent images, easy handling, and high system uptime. 

Features & Benefits

Click each + to learn about the Cios Select's image intensifier technology, power management system, cyber security features, and more. 

    Watch the video from Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China

    Cios Select systems undergo rigorous in-house testing of over 441,000 cycles before arriving at your facility. 

    The result?

    99.8% uptime across our install based of over 10,000 systems around the world2

    Advanced cyber security

    Decrease your hospital's risk of being hacked, secure personal data, and safeguard your finances and reputation. 

    User Access Management Icon

    User Access Management

    Prevent unauthorized access by creating user groups and defining custom access levels

    App Whitelisting Icon

    App Whitelisting

    Protect your system from malware with restrictions on unauthorized downloads.

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    Data Encryption

    Encrypted patient data partition for security against theft, thanks to Windows 10 BitLocker. 

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    Audit Trail

    Track important configuration changes for improved transparency. 

    Technical Specifications

    System specifications, clinical applications and workflows, room planning and more. 

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