5. Stay Financially Healthy: How to build a Solid Foundation

Expand capabilities to take on additional types of scanning and with that serve more patients.

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Next generation CT scanner
The SOMATOM X.cite CT scanner has an 82cm bore to accommodate even the most challenging patients and with myExam Companion you can also unlock the full potential not only for advanced scans but also routine clinical indications.

MRI patient experience
Improving the MRI patient experience with comfort, speed, and entertainment can help to attract more patients.

PET/CT and SPECT/CT scanners
Hybrid PET/CT and SPECT/CT scanners offer you added flexibility to quickly adjust workflows to handle additional patients. As clinical demand fluctuates, use both modalities to help meet demand.

Angiography solutions designed for all patients
OPTIQ allows you to pre-set noise and contrast levels and automatically adjusts to your image quality preferences at low dose – no matter the patient’s BMI, C-arm angulation or procedure.

Multidisciplinary use of angiography solutions
You can accommodate a variety of procedure types, while minimizing cost, with our 3-1 system – the ARTIS icono - that is designed to support an extremely wide range of procedures.

Full coverage services plans
Reduce backlog with CentriCare, a service plan like no other. CentriCare offers an unprecedented commitment to maximum operational availability of your systems, based on your desired availability coverage and Protected Care Hours.

The Resiliency Roadmap

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