Why you should create a staff gap plan

3. Anticipating the Unexpected:Why you should create a staff gap plan

Increase workforce productivity and flexibility by providing standardized platforms


CT scanners with myExam Companion
With a simple user guided interface that automatically adjust scan parameters based on basic questions, patient data and clinical decision trees, it gives you the ability to schedule your workforce with more flexibility, while maintaining optimal image quality for your radiologists and utilizing your full clinical imaging capabilities regardless of the technologists skill level.

MRI scanners with DotGO Workflow
Increase operational efficiency and accommodate varying levels of professional expertise by automating MRI scans with DotGO workflow. With the Dot Cockpit and Dot Engines, you can easily standardize your protocols and achieve quality results for each exam. Go for consistent results, across patients and multiple MAGNETOM scanners with DotGO.

Radiography and fluoroscopy systems with MAX effect
Pressure is mounting to standardize fleets so all systems operate from a single platform. The benefits are significant: operational efficiency, consistent results, and the elimination of unnecessary variances. The MAX family is a portfolio of premium systems that delivers the same platform, the same user interface, and the same detector.

The Resiliency Roadmap