Why you should create a staff gap plan

3. Anticipating the Unexpected:Why you should create a staff gap plan

AI-powered solutions that help to automate and standardize processes.


AI-powered assistants
AI-powered solutions help to enhance your diagnostic and therapeutic decision making.

CT scanners with myExam Companion and GO Technologies
With more in-depth infection control requirement and increasing patient volumes, it is important to utilize automated solutions that reduce the number of steps and complexity. The SOMATOM X.cite features myExam Companion and the GO Technologies to walk the technologist through the exam and post-processing with a simple user-guided interface and fewer reconstruction steps.

MRI scanners with GO Technologies
Powered by artificial intelligence, GO Technologies help you accelerate the entire MRI workflow from patient positioning to result distribution. With BioMatrix Select&Go for example, a tech simply selects the region or organ to be scanned on the display and the patient is precisely positioned.

MRI scanners with DotGo Workflow
Increase operational efficiency and accommodate varying levels of professional expertise by automating MRI scans with DotGO workflow. With the Dot Cockpit and Dot Engines, you can easily standardize your protocols and achieve quality results for each exam. Go for consistent results, across patients and multiple MAGNETOM scanners with DotGO.

Intelligent PET/CT scanners
Artificial intelligence in molecular imaging can help you perform PET/CT exams with more ease and efficiency, optimize clinical operations, and improve patient experience.

The Resiliency Roadmap