Raising the benchmark for handheld blood gas testing-again

epoc Blood Analysis System now with the NXS Host

The epoc® Blood Analysis System is a handheld, bedside solution that provides lab-accurate blood gas, electrolyte, and metabolite (BGEM) results at the patient’s side in less than 1 minute.

The epoc system consists of three components: the NXS Host mobile computer, the Reader, and the BGEM Test Card.

The Test Card has 13 analytes on a single-use card that requires no refrigeration. The epoc system helps improve workflow and the clinical experience, with benefits to your blood-gas testing program that were previously unavailable in a point-of-care system.

Features & Benefits

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Huntsville Hospital reduced their (sepsis) mortality rate by ~50% as part of a sepsis program.

“For every hour you wait to give an antibiotic, the mortality for that patient increases 8%, so now that we have the handheld device, the nurse can get those results within 3 minutes, and we know how to treat that patient.” —Carissa Hicks, RN, Huntsville Hospital

“We are talking 30 mins on a test and that is a STAT because that is just the process. That’s just how long it takes there’s nothing you can do about that” —Kristie Campbell, Huntsville Hospital

Clinical Use

epoc Blood Analysis System with NXS Host summary of Analytical Methods and Performance

Test results from the epoc® system correlate with leading point-of-care benchtop blood gas and chemistry analyzers.

Technical Specifications

epoc® Blood Analysis System technical specifications

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