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Transforming the system of care  

Enable you to build a smart care delivery model that provides ​equitable access to care, no matter where patients are.

Did you know?

50% of the global popolation still lacks access to essential health services.
43% of the world's population need more than one hour to reach their nearest healthcare facility by foot.
38% increase in global health spending is projected by 2050 considering population growth.

Despite significant advancements in healthcare, half of the world’s population still lacks essential health services. Even in countries with advanced healthcare systems, access and affordability remain unequal, and far too often the quality of care someone received depends primarily on where they live. In order to improve access to healthcare and ensure more equitable access to care, steps must be taken to transform care systems. This transformation includes measures to bring healthcare closer to patients with decentralized services, building smartly-connected healthcare systems that foster equity, and embracing digital transformation. By transforming the system of care, the healthcare provider of the future lies not in traditional hospitals, but in an integrated system of care. 

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Individual clinical pathway

access to care

Transform the provision of care with tailored solutions that prioritize acceptability, availability and affordability to enable you to serve the underserved.
Individual clinical pathway

Deliver decentralized 
care closer to patients

Integrate technology-based innovations that shift routine care to community settings enabling you to efficiently bring high-quality care to more patients, wherever they are.
Individual clinical pathway

Build a smartly-connected 
system of care

Connect community and specialized care settings smartly, linking caregivers and patients to enable you to strengthen integrated and continuous care across the health system.
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Learn how to increase health equity and access for all with smartly-connected care systems. 
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