MAGNETOM Sola Cardiovascular Edition

MAGNETOM Sola Cardiovascular EditionOutcome relevant decisions – redefining patient pathways

MAGNETOM Sola Cardiovascular Edition automatically adjusts to patient biovariability to overcome unwarranted variations in cardiac MRI examinations. Connect with new capabilities. Gain speed, reliability and ease of use with BioMatrix Technology. Expand toward precision medicine by improving diagnostic accuracy and facilitating individual treatment strategies.

MAGNETOM Sola Cardiovascular Edition – Customer view

Features & Benefits

Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine

Get high-quality consistent cardiac MRI scans with Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine for functional imaging even for patients with arrhythmias or dyspnea.


MyoMaps with HeartFreeze to detect myocardial injury and get patients on the right treatment pathway fast.

The Cardiac Dot Engine harnesses our unique standardization and automation technology to make cardiac scans faster and more robust.

BioMatrix Sensors and the AI-powered Cardiac Dot Engine provide fast patient setup and step-by-step guidance for standardized diagnostic cardiac MRI exams.

Clinical Use

Technical Details

Magnet System


Field strength

1.5 Tesla

Bore size

70 cm Open Bore design

Helium consumption

Zero Helium boil-off technology



Gradient strength

XQ gradients 45/200 simultaneously [2.03 MVA]



RF technology


Maximum number of channels1


Number of independent receiver channels that can be used simultaneously in one single scan and in one single FoV, each generating an independent partial image




Power consumption

Eco-Power technology



Siting and Installation


System length

157 cm cover to cover

System weight (in operation)

4.2 tons

Minimum room size2

28 m2 / 302 sq ft