New ideas and advice for healthcare leadersExploring the numbers behind the challenges and trends in healthcare with Harvard Business Review Analytic

Siemens Healthineers teamed up with Harvard Business Review Analytical Services to acquire profound scientific insights into challenges and trends in the healthcare industry.

We explored four key areas that we believe healthcare leaders should address:

  • Expanding Precision Medicine
  • Transforming Care Delivery
  • Improving Patient Experience
  • Digitalizing Healthcare

We also "took the pulse" of the healthcare transformation.
Large-scale transformation is happening in healthcare. Find out what decision makers say about the direction of our industry, and what the future holds for healthcare providers.

Too many & too few defibrillators are implanted.

Healthcare providers around the world can unlock the power of precision medicine for better care and lower costs. This white paper for healthcare executives and leaders explains how to expand precision medicine and scale it up to an organizational level.

2030 more than 100.000 physicians could be missing in US.

Value will shape care delivery. Multidisciplinary teams will collaborate across the full care cycle. Providers will be enabled to eliminate waste and variations. Care delivery will be designed to reduce costs with no sacrifice in outcomes.

Disappointing patient experiences lead to poor reputations.

We explored the approaches of leading healthcare organizations and created a four-part patient experience improvement strategy which explains how to deliver the care that patients want and need.

1.7 billion people will use mobile health apps by 2018.

We looked at leading healthcare organizations to explore their approaches to digitalizing their institutions. 

Better outcomes is key driver to increase value in healthcare.

We asked healthcare professionals to take the pulse of the industry’s transformation in an online survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.