Extend the life of your Artis Zee Power it with PURE® Upgrade package today


artis zee pure upgrade

Get the most from your investment

Upgrading your Artis system to the new PURE® platform will enhance your workflow, patient throughput, and staff organization – securing your investment for years to come. The upgrade includes technology updates that bring your installed system to the latest Artis platform.

artis zee pure upgrade

It is our aim to support you with the best possible tools in angiography to help fight the most threatening diseases.With this innovative upgrade you can benefit from advanced tools and have access to further optional applications.

Taking your Artis to PURE® enables you to boost your productivity, broaden your clinical capabilities, and enhance your outcomes.

Explore the full potential of your Artis Zee system with PURE®.


  • More robust and reliable algorithm with better image quality
  • Fade in/fade out of processed image
  • Vessel edge overlay
  • Processed images can be stored to PACS and be reviewed anywhere

CLEARstent Live

  • Real-time visualization of stent struts for faster & better stent deployment
  • Reduction in time for overlapping stent and bifurcation stent Angioplasties
  • Improved accuracy and reduced stent failure rates


  • Focus and zoom at tableside with just one click


  • Get fast and easy access to enhanced image quality in Roadmap

PURE® adds smooth use to Siemens' smart technologies, so that you can boost your productivity to enhance outcomes.

Stay on top of the innovation curve with Artis Zee PURE® Upgrade.