SOMATOM On.siteBringing critical care imaging to your patient

Our mobile head CT scanner SOMATOM provides access to the known SOMATOM image quality, right at your patient’s bedside. This will change the way you can serve ICU patients suffering from acute and critical head conditions enabling you to transform care delivery at your hospital.

  • Reduce patient transports
  • Optimize staff deployment
  • Achieve consistent and reliable image quality at the point of care

Features & Benefits

Staff move an ICU patient bed along a hospital hallway

Providing CT scans of the head for critically ill patients, e.g. from Intensive Care Units (ICU) is crucial but often challenging.

  • Patient transports from the ICU to the radiology department are associated with complex logistical hurdles that can require up to five staff members.1
  • Inhouse patient transports bear an increased risk of complications for patients: >71% of ICU patients experience adverse events during transport specifically to the CT suite.2
  • Scanning of ICU patients at the radiology department impacts CT availability for other patients by blocking off more than double the time of conventional exams.3

Experience mobile head CT scanning with SOMATOM image quality right at the patient’s bedside:

  • Reducing transport to the radiology department can prevent related complications and allow your staff to concentrate on what matters most: providing care for the patients in the ICU department.
  • Acquiring images directly at the patient's bedside may speed up diagnostics and following decisions and steps.
  • Offering mobile CT imaging directly in the ICU allows the radiology department to create additional scanning capacity in the Radiology department for acute head scans in case of non-availability of the stationary CT scanner. Scanning patients directly in the ICU ward will empower your streamlined imaging workflows.

Reduce patient transports

  • SOMATOM permits CT imaging of the head directly on the ICU ward, which reduces complications associated with patient transportation from intensive care wards to the radiology department.
  • Performing CT scans at the patient's bedside helps staff to reach fast treatment decisions.

Optimize staff deployment

  • ICU staff can focus more on their core tasks and care for their patients when they do not need to accompany the transports. 
  • Reduction of physical burden and fatigue on staff as the transfer of the patient to a dedicated scan table is not required anymore.

Achieve consistent and reliable image quality at the point of care

  • Touch UI in combination with myExam Companion makes scanner operation intuitive and easy - and therefore also possible for cross-trained staff.
  • Mobile CT imaging reduces the number of ICU patient scans in the radiology department, potentially resulting in more streamlined utilization of stationary systems and staff, along with less efforts in CT scan room preparation (e.g., cleaning).

    Clinical Use

    Brain window
    Courtesy of Siemens Healthineers

    SOMATOM brings SOMATOM image quality to the patient's bedside. It is combining proven technologies from existing SOMATOM scanners with newly designed components.

    Technical Specifications

    Scanner type

    Mobile head CT scanner


    2.4 cm Stellar detector

    Iterative Reconstruction


    Metal artifact reduction


    kV steps

    80, 120 kV

    Spatial resolution

    0.75 mm

    Gantry opening

    35 cm

    Slice acquisition