Biograph RT Pro editionDoğru planlama için görüntüleme

BiographTM RT Pro edition, klinisyenlere doğru planlama için doğru görüntüyü sunan, radyasyon tedavisi planlama için özel olarak geliştirilmiş, kapsamlı bir çözüm. Biograph RT Pro edition, Biograph mCT ailesinin TG-66 uyumlu hasta kontrol sistemi ile lineer hızlandırıcı masa üstü, hareket yönetimi teknolojileri ve kapsamlı metal artefaktı çözümü arasında yeniden üretilebilir hasta konumlama imkanı sunuyor. Böylece klinisyenler tedavi stratejilerini güvenle oluşturabiliyor.

Özellikler ve Faydalar

Designed to take full advantage of Siemens’ premium PET and CT technologies of the BiographTM mCT family of large-bore scanners, Biograph RT Pro edition provides clinicians the right image for the right plan.

Fine Image Quality

Biograph RT Pro edition is built upon the OptisoHD detection system, which optimizes each component of the imaging chain. From the design of the isotropic LSO crystals to the high-speed electronics and the industry’s best 400 x 400 reconstruction matrix,1 the result is the finest NEMA1 and volumetric image accuracy1, which allows physicians to more easily visualize metabolically active areas of tumors.

Siemens ultraHD•PET delivers increased image quality, easily outperforming conventional PET/CT technology. It combines two important innovations: HD•PET, which provides visually sharper clinical images; and Time-of-Flight (ToF), which doubles signal-to-noise. These image-quality improvements enhance tumor boundary definition.


Biograph RT Pro edition is built upon the proven Siemens SOMATOM® Definition CT platform, providing excellent temporal and high-contrast CT resolution for accurate radiation therapy planning.

Extended CT Field of View

HD FoV Pro2 is an advanced algorithm using intelligent contour and attenuation estimation outside the diagnostic CT field of view (sFoV) of 50 cm.

Metal Artifact Reduction

Biograph RT Pro edition provides a comprehensive metal artifact solution, which includes iterative metal artifact reduction (iMAR)2 software that is fully integrated into the PET/CT workflow and can be used for PET attenuation correction. Also included is CT single-source dual-energy with syngo®.CT Dual Energy Monoenergetic solution, which delivers "crisp" image quality of the anatomy even in the presence of metal for RT planning.

Biograph RT Pro edition offers a full suite of PET and CT motion management technologies that allow for precise therapy planning with an integrated user interface between both PET and CT. The open gating interface supports interfacing with external motion management devices such as Varian RPM©* and Anzai. This suite of motion management tools provides better resolution for tumor delineation allowing physicians to better escalate the dose.

CT Gating Technologies

Biograph RT Pro edition offers prospective and retrospective CT gating as well as Average CT and t-MIP2, thus providing flexible solutions to meet all of your CT gating needs.

PET and CT Phase Matching

The phase-matched gating capabilities enables one-click matching of PET and CT gated datasets to correct for misregistration, improving image quality and quantification.

Full HD Lesion Detection

HD•Chest**, automatic amplitude-based gating virtually freezes respiratory motion, providing full HD lesion detection without increasing PET examination time. HD•Chest integrates seamlessly into the whole-body PET scan workflow and works within your daily clinical routine.

*Product of Varian Medical Systems

With syngo®.via, Siemens Molecular Imaging provides many flexible options that can be tailored to accommodate various clinical and workflow needs for both nuclear medicine and radiation oncology departments. This multimodality reading solution provides physicians with various tools to optimize their PET/CT radiation therapy planning workflow.

syngo.via Oncology Pro

syngo.PET&CT Therapy Interface is an application within syngo.mCT Oncology Engine Pro that is dedicated to therapy planning. This integrated solution encourages collaboration between radiology, nuclear medicine and radiation oncology departments by providing the ability to:
• Edit freehand target volumes with nudge tool2 to help better define the GTV based on the PET data
• Convert diagnostic regions of interest such as PET iso-contour and automatic PET and
  CT segmentations into GTV contours2
• Visualize GTV contours over planning CT and other relevant volumes via fused
• Publish IHE-RO contour profile conformant DICOM RT Structure Sets for use in
  radiotherapy treatment planning
• Evaluate treatment response in post therapy acquisitions by viewing GTV over pre-
  registered volumes

syngo.via RT Image Suite2

.via RT Image Suite is a dedicated imaging software solution that allows radiation therapy departments to leverage their imaging information; providing compelling clarity for making clinical decisions. syngo.via RT Image Suite offers a wide selection of manual
and semi-automatic segmentation tools that permit any axis contouring within a design predicated on not constricting user workflows by providing the ability to:
• Easily contour on PET, CT and MR images in all orientations
• Flexibly register PET to the planning CT using rigid or deformable image registration
• Evaluate PET-based treatment response by evaluating up to four image series at
  different time-points concurrently
• Perform “CT-free” contouring using native delineation on PET images
• Export DICOM standard compliant structure to treatment planning systems

Klinik Kullanım

Utilizing only anatomical information in radiation therapy planning poses challenges in differentiating between non-viable and viable areas of a tumor, as well as the ability to visualize the entire disease.3 This may result in target volumes that are too small, leaving cancer cells untreated or target volumes that are too large which can expose healthy tissue to radiation. The clinical information provided by PET/CT imaging helps overcome these challenges by enabling the physician to more easily distinguish between metabolically active tumor regions and areas of necrosis. This supports greater precision in target volume definition, allowing physicians to improve dose escalation while avoiding healthy tissue.

Head and Neck
Data Courtesy of University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville, TN, USA

Biograph™ mCT family with its finest volumetric resolution1 reveals variation in metabolic activity through tumor volumes in the head and neck, allowing for modern radiotherapy techniques such as dose painting. Biograph mCT Pro edition offers metal artifact reduction that is fully integrated in the PET/CT imaging workflow with iMAR4 (iterative metal artifact reduction), which can be used to improve images obscured by metal, such as dental fillings and be used for PET attenuation correction.

Lung Cancer
Data courtesy of Keio Gijyuku University Hospital, Tokyo, Japan; Image# P300_32

One major hurdle when treating lung cancer with radiotherapy is that the tumor often moves throughout the respiratory cycle. When planning lung cancer patients it is important to have the most accurate information concerning the tumor’s motion. Biograph RT Pro edition allows for time, phase and amplitude based gating providing better resolution for better tumor delineation, thus enabling the radiation oncologist to better escalate the dose.