Case Study: Hermes Pardini redefines operational excellence for extreme high-volume testing

Among the world’s largest, this reference laboratory re-designed its core lab to support testing of >260,000 tubes per day.

Pardini Lab Aerial Exterior

The project combined powerful diagnostics, IT, and total lab automation (TLA) to: 

  • reduce tube touches
  • decrease turnaround time
  • reduce repeat testing
  • increase productivity
  • decrease water consumption

Key Outcomes

Pardini Lab Aerial

Reduced Tube Touches by 77.5%

Combining multidisciplinary testing and sample preparation moves the organization closer to the possibility of one-touch testing.

Pardini Lab Aerial

Decreased Turnaround Time by 37.5%* 

More than 96% of daily results meet the <6-hour turnaround time goal at the mega-volume Pardini reference laboratory. 

Pardini Lab Aerial

Reduced Repeat Testing by 34%* 

Automation, enhanced QC tools, and data- driven operational rules have reduced errors. The lab follows strict confirmatory testing protocols that comprise the majority of current repeat testing.