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Heroes of Cardiovascular CareBecause life is not a rehearsal

We have one precious life to live. Your commitment to delivering optimal cardiovascular care is inspiring.
We’re committed to supporting you in this with state-of-the-art solutions that help keep hearts beating. 

Together, we can give patients the innovative, personalized care they need. Because life is not a rehearsal.

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Get inspired by their passion about cardiovascular care.

Davide is suffering from Brugada syndrome. Watch his inspiring story with Prof. Carlo Pappone or read the full article here.

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Prof. Carlo Pappone

Femke de Theije
believes in the impossible

suffers from congenital cardiomyopathy

Puneet Sharma
challenges the status quo

Stefan Ulzheimer
is passionate about new technologies

suffers from Brugada syndrome

had a heart attack

Prof. Vijay Kunadian
UK’s first female Professor
of Interventional Cardiolog