Artis pheno flexible isocenter

ARTIS phenoCutting-edge robotic imaging for Interventional Radiology

Today’s Interventional Radiology departments face an increasing amount of complex IR procedures – especially ablation and cancer embolization as well as the embolization of benign tumors e.g. prostate artery embolization (PAE) are on the rise. Patients are highly versatile regarding size and clinical condition. And staff is demanding an ergonomic working environment.

Stay on top of advances in medicine and research. Improve patient and staff experience. And add great versatility to your Interventional Radiology lab – with our unique robotic C-arm ARTIS pheno. With nine degrees of freedom for C-arm positioning, procedure-specific patient positioning, and a freely adjustable working height for 2D imaging, the system creates an ergonomic working environment. Transform care delivery and broaden your procedure mix – with ARTIS pheno.

Advance your case mix

In Interventional Radiology, the use of robotic technology adds great versatility to your procedure mix – particularly benefitting complex procedures.

<p>Prof. Frank Wacker, MD</p>

Optimize clinical operations

<p>Prof. Thomas J. Vogl, MD</p>

Maintain infection control

Female nurse cleaning ARTIS pheno

Easy to clean, ARTIS pheno helps you to maintain high infection control standards. It features internal cable guidance and seamless, spill-sealed covers with evenly smooth surfaces.

Technical Specifications


Floor-mounted to keep the ceiling free

Minimum room size

35 m2 (377 ft2)

Recommended room size

>= 68 m2 (732 ft2)

Robotic C-arm

9 axes for positioning of the C-arm, SID lift, and Detector + Collimator rotation

Wide space C-arm

130 cm (51") SID and 95.5 cm (37.5") usable clearance for easy patient acess and C-arm positioning

Intraprocedural 3D imaging position

Head side and lateral

Working height

Flexible isocenter 104 cm (40.95")10 - 150 cm (59.1")

Max. 3D volume size11 (diameter x height)

43 cm x 17.5 cm (17" x 7.9") or 32 cm x 23.5 cm (13" x 9.3")


30 x 40 detector