Cios Select with FD

Cios Select with FDSelect smart surgical imaging

Cios Select FD
Cios Select with FD

As the pressures on healthcare providers increase, a growing number of surgeons is asking for more powerful routine imaging equipment. However, the required technology is currently only accessible in high-end systems.

We therefore equipped Cios Select with modern flat-detector technology, combining premium capabilities with an economical system design - for excellent images, easy handling, and high system availability. Access to optimum support in surgical procedures, efficient workflows, and high reliability in multidisciplinary use. Clearly a smart choice for your surgical routine.

Features & Benefits

Combining accuracy with productivity and reliability, Cios Select with flat-detector technology is a smart choice for your surgical routine. Learn how it gives you access to optimal support in surgical procedures, efficient workflows, and high dependability in multidisciplinary use. 

  1. Retina FD technology

    For 20% more coverage and higher image quality1, and low-dose applications. Intelligent algorithms like IDEAL automatically adjust brightness and contrast, detect motion, enhance edges, and reduce metal artifacts

  2. Large C-arm geometry & High bright green laser & Compact and lightweight design 

    Support easy system positioning

  3. Smart power management

    2.3 kW generator peak power with up to 24 mA fluoroscopy tube current

  4. High bright color monitors

    Display of live and reference images in high resolution

  5. Wireless DICOM2

  6. Enduring system design

    Successfully completed > 441,000 endurance test cycles. For proven system availability of > 99.8 %

  7. Advanced cyber security

    to safeguard data and access and protection against cyber attacks

  8. Wireless footswitch2 

    Waterproof, cableless freedom in the OR plus easier cleaning

  9. Target Pointer2

    Get live guidance for k-wire navigation

  10. Smart touch user interfaces

    Preview feature allows technicians to efficiently operate the C-arm

Clinical Use