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In healthcare, the pace of digitalization and software development is speeding up. Medical devices are increasingly interconnected, and their value is more and more defined by digital features. Having incompatible system software and hardware and being vulnerable to cyberattacks are among the most recent risks healthcare providers face. That’s why keeping medical equipment up to date is essential for optimized clinical care, workflow efficiency, and cybersecurity.

Advance Plans are Siemens Healthineers service agreements for the digital era – supporting you to maximize efficiency and achieve excellent clinical outcome. With a smart combination of digital and personal support, we keep your operations running smoothly and are right by your side 24/7. Advance Plans comprise a wealth of innovative and intelligent services that keep you on the cutting edge, safely connected, and competitive – for the entire serviceable life of your equipment.

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Please note that Advance Plans are only available for selected CT and MRI modalities.

Features & Benefits

With a smart combination of online and onsite support, we keep you on the cutting edge, safely connected, and competitive – for the entire serviceable life of your equipment.

And this is how:

Siemens Healthineers Advance Plans - AdvanceNow

AdvanceNow, our digitally driven long-term update and upgrade service, keeps your systems future-proof, highly efficient, and secure.

Siemens Healthineers Advance Plans - Digital Platforms

Our Digital Platforms are online touchpoints that bring our service closer to you. They provide a secure connection to us with immediate access to knowledge, service experts, and fleet management features.

Siemens Healthineers Advance Plans - Maintenance & Service Options

Our Maintenance services and intelligent Service Options keep your systems up and your operations running – with predictive monitoring, planned remote and on-site maintenance, virtual training and support concepts, and more.

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Choose between CORE, FIT, and MAX Plans and tailor our great variety of services exactly to your needs:

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