syngo.CT Dual Energy

This new Dual Energy Viewer assists you in the initial inspection of Dual Energy data by including the well-established features Optimum Contrast and Monoenergetic images. Furthermore all other Dual Energy applications available on your syngo.via system are displayed and selectable in the user interface of syngo.CT Dual Energy.

Features & Benefits

Clinical Applications

Optimum Contrast gives you the best mixture of the high- and the low-kV dataset to enhance your image quality by significantly reducing noise.

Monoenergetic images can improve image quality in many situations. The algorithm calculates CT images as if they were aquired with monochromatic energies. By choosing the right energy you can decrease the image noise and minimize metal artifacts in patients with metal implants such as hip prostheses or dental implants.



  • The smart user interface and the automated pre-processing allows a fast and efficient use of Dual Energy data
  • One-click for an optimized display of the mixed dataset with Optimum Contrast
  • Smooth selection of the energy level with the best contrast-to-noise ratio and/or with the lowest amount of metal artifacts
  • ROI annotation with HU values of low- and high-kV dataset and HU values of the mixed image
  • Provides configurable, automatic mapping of the case-relevant Dual Energy applications based on the body region and the use of contrast medium. E.g. syngo.CT Virtual Unenhanced is selectable in the UI if the case is an abdomen scan acquired with contrast media


General Requirements


Minimum Software Version

(one of following)

syngo 2004A (VD10B) 

syngo VA40


Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.