Siemens Healthineers Biograph Horizon PET/CT nuclear medicine scanner

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Bring high-quality care to more patients. Biograph™ Horizon1 gives you the flexibility to address a wide variety of clinical indications while introducing new efficiencies and cost savings. Designed with technologies that set the standard in PET/CT, Biograph Horizon offers you premium performance at an attractive level of investment.


The intelligent scanner platform for PET/CT.

  • Become more efficient
  • Personalize your scans
  • Standardize your exams

Cechy i korzyści

Siemens Healthineers Biograph Horizon
  1. Exclusive bed design

    Zero differential deflection for accurate attenuation correction and TG-66 compliant for radiation therapy

  2. LSO crystals

    4 x 4 x 20 mm for fast scintillation with great detection efficiency for any PET isotope, even short-lived cardiac isotopes

  3. Diagnostic spiral CT

    16- and 32-slice1 CT

  4. iMAR (Optional)

    Iterative algorithm for metal artifact reduction

  5. SAFIRE (Optional)

    CT iterative reconstruction to reduce dose and maintain image quality

  6. Whole-body dynamic imaging (Optional)

    Routine whole-body dynamic imaging enable by FlowMotion™ continuous bed motion

  7. Time of flight (Optional)

    Up to 2x improvements in signal to noise and image contrast

  8. TrueV extended PET field of view (Optional)

    Additional PET detector ring enabling faster scans or lower injected dose

  9. HD•PET (Optional)

    Create visually sharper images incorporating point spread function (PSF)

  10. QualityGuard (Optional)

    Uses intrinsic radioactive properties of Lutetium present on LSO detectors to automatically calibrate itself

  11. FlowMotion AI (Optional)

    Personalize scans based on anatomy and standardize imaging protocols based on indication

  12. FAST PET Workflow AI (Optional)

    Creation of Auto Ranges and Auto Data Export

  13. Multiparametric PET Suite AI (Optional)

    Adds the metabolic rate and distribution volume to the standard SUV image without the need for an invasive measurement

  14. OncoFreeze™ / OncoFreeze AI (Optional)

    Motion management without extending scan time and, if preferred, without the need for a gating device

Siemens PETCT scanner technology foundation infographic

The value of PET/CT is in the details -- more precise information leads to greater potential for an earlier diagnosis and a more definitive treatment strategy, helping to improve patient outcomes. Our entire product portfolio is built on technology that all together adds up to  more. Our wide range of features expand your clinical capabilities and deliver excellent lesion detectability, spatial resolution, and quantification accuracy -- letting you bring a higher standard of care to more patients.

Female physician and patient discussing treatment plan.

Use all commercially available PET tracers to address a broader range of oncology, neurology, and cardiac indications. With premium LSO-based detectors and Time-of-Flight technology, you can go beyond the capabilities of BGO-based PET/CT scanners for high count-rate applications.

Female physician and patient discussing treatment plan.

Help your staff focus on what matters most: your patients. Biograph Horizon offers protocol based exams to support a more standardized workflow and is equipped with built-in capabilities that automate routine tasks.

Male physician and hospital manager walking in hospital hall.

Built to run as efficiently as possible, to reduce operating costs and to extend the economic life of your system, Biograph Horizon supports your business. Offering the standard in PET/CT technology at an attractive total cost of ownership, your scanner has the flexibility to grow with you.

Specyfikacje techniczne



Bore diameter

70 cm

Tunnel length

130 cm

Table capacity

227 kg (500 lb)



Generator power

55 kW

Rotation times

0.48*, 0.6, 1.0, 1.5 s

Tube voltages

80, 110, 130 kV

Iterative reconstruction


Metal artifact reduction



16, 32 (32 slice available with optional IVR (Interleaved Volume Reconstruction))



Axial field of view

16.4 22.1* cm

Crystal size

4 x 4 x 20 mm

Time of flight performance

540 ps