Hybrid operating room 
consulting and planning 

On the journey to your Hybrid OR -  we are your trusted partner

We partner with you to help you make the right decision when investing in a Hybrid OR. In close alignment with physicians, hospital managers, architects, OR equipment suppliers, and healthcare consultants, we plan and develop an individual concept and Hybrid Operating Room design that fits your needs.
Together, we create your sustainable and value-adding Hybrid OR environment centered around the needs of people – both your patients and your staff.

Hybrid OR Planning Team of experts around table

Team of multi-disciplinary experts

> 500 consulting projects worldwide

Hybrid OR Planning room layout with virtual reality visualization

> 100 Hybrid OR plannings per year

 Download our augmented reality app "AR Surgery Explorer" here.

3D visualization of a hybrid operating room layout with ARTIS icono ceiling

Explore one example of a Hybrid OR setting with an ARTIS icono ceiling system in combination with the ARTIS multi-tilt table as well as third party equipment.

3D visualization of a hybrid operating room layout with ARTIS pheno

See an example how a fully-equipped Hybrid OR with ARTIS pheno can look like.

Workflow animation within a multi-modality hybrid operating room setup

Follow a Nexaris workflow from patient transfer into the OR to CT, Angiography, and MR imaging – without patient repositioning. 

Achieving operational excellence through workflow simulation

Learn how we evaluate layout and workflow solutions using high-quality digital models and visualization before costly real-world implementation.