Human-factor engineering in hospitals; best practice example Jefferson Health, Insights Series issue 50

Building a human-centered workplaceHow Jefferson Health empowers its workforce and optimizes safety

Insights Series - Issue 50

Article authors: Joanne Grau and André Steinbuss | Reading time: 4 minutes

Explore strategies implemented by Jefferson Health to create a human-centered workplace, cope with workforce shortages, and reduce staff burnout.

Today’s sophisticated medical equipment and processes, like much of the new technology that surrounds us, can be highly complex, resulting in opportunities for user error. It often seems that much of it is not designed with end users in mind. As an answer to that, Jefferson Health took steps to create a more human-centered workplace. By embracing a human-centered approach, they achieved greater efficiency, enhanced safety, and improved outcomes while prioritizing the well-being of their workforce — a human-centered design in healthcare.

This experience serves as a best-practice example of how the interaction between humans and technology can be optimized to deliver high-quality care and create a sustainable and supportive work environment. Human-factor engineering is one way to optimize operations in healthcare.

Key takeaways from the paper

Discover three key steps in Jefferson Health's human-centered approach:

  • A mindset shift: Instead of trying to change people's behavior, change systems and processes to make them work smoothly for caregivers
  • Smart use of data to augment caregiver decision-making
  • Creating a learning organization by encouraging feedback and risk communication

A human-centered approach can lead to:

  • Better interaction between humans and technology
  • Higher-value care
  • Sustainable and supportive work environment

Which percentage of clinicians in countries including the U.S., Germany, and the UK plan to leave their current role in the next two to three years?

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