Mammomat Fusion Where premium meets everyday mammography

Mammografo di qualità premium per migliorare lo screening e la diagnostica di routine. Sofisticato workflow automatizzato per eseguire esami complessi con il tocco di un pulsante. Detettore robusto e affidabile con performance costanti nel tempo per la vostra massima tranquillità.Bassi costi operativi, interessanti pacchetti di servizi e alto numero di pazienti esaminabili per valorizzare il vostro investimento.


Caratteristiche e vantaggi

A refined automated workflow performs complex exams with the click of a button. This gives you more time for what matters most – your patients.

Digital Mammography System – Mammomat Fusion – Refined automated workflow

 Refined automated Workflow

  • RIS data is directly uploaded to the AWS
  • RIS client can also be operated on AWS, no need for an additional RIS PC in the examination room
  • Efficient one-click-to image


Digital Mammography System – Mammomat Fusion – Convenient Single-Touch Positioning

Convenient Single-Touch Positioning
One only touch moves the swivel arm to the next projection view, e.g.:

  • First touch moves to R-MLO
  • Next touch moves back to CC
  • Next touch moves to L-MLO
  • Last touch moves back CC

Digital Mammography System – Mammomat Fusion – Ergonomic Acquisition Workstation

Ergonomic Acquisition Workstation

  • One central workstation console
  • Adjustable table1 height
  • Up to 2-monitor setup incl. 1x 3MP
  • Fully syngo based
  • High storage capacity > 20.000 images
  • Autofilming or create a DVD at the touch of a button


Digital Mammography System – Mammomat Fusion – Seamless Isocentric Rotation

Seamless Isocentric Rotation

  • Detector’s center always at same height
  • Ready for any position
  • Adjusts at the touch of a button


The particularly robust and reliable detector keeps going strong, year after year, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind.

Digital mammography system – Mammomat Fusion – 2nd generation CsI detector

New trendsetting technology with 2nd generation CsI detector 

  • Scintillator thickness optimized for the X-ray spectrum of the Mammomat Fusion for lower dose
  • MaxFill Technology for high spatial resolutions at low dose levels
  • Ready to use right away


Optimized scintillator thickness enables lower dose

  • X-ray photons are hitting the scintillator and are converted into light through luminescence.
  • Optimized emitted light conversion rate thanks to a scintillator thickness adaption for the X-ray spectrum of Mammomat Fusion and a new scintillator construction
  • The photodiodes absorb the light and convert it into electrons.

MaxFill for high resolution

  • MaxFill technology is integrated in the 2nd generation CsI detector.
  • MaxFill technology allows the inclusion of more and thus smaller photodiodes, resulting in a smaller pixel size of 83µm.
  • This leads to higher spatial resolution for better image quality.


MaxFill for low dose

  • MaxFill Technology increases the fill factor of the detector to 70% (amount of X-ray sensitive areas is maximized).
  • This means the pixel matrix is arranged in multi-layers with the photodiodes placed above the TFT switch.
  • As thus, there is less "dead space" inside the pixels and incoming light is used more efficiently.


Superior signal to noise ratio
Mammomat Fusion shows superior DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency) values at high spatial frequencies.


Digital mammography system – Mammomat Fusion – Tungsten Tube

Up to 50% less dose with Tungsten Tube

  • Tube with Tungsten anode
  • Proven Rhodium filter
  • Tungsten/Rhodium combination saves up to 50% dose compared to film based systems.
  • High heat storage capacity

Digital mammography system – Mammomat Fusion – OpDose

 Right dose for each patient with personalized OpDose 

  • Sets optimal exposure parameters for each breast depending on the entire breast density and thickness.
  • Thereby it uses the maximum information needed for the optimal image.
  • Five dose levels further optimize exposure.
  • Works in every position and view.
  • Pectoralis muscle is excluded for calculation.


More comfort with individualized OpComp

  • SoftSpeed – the two speed compression slows down as soon as it reaches the breast
  • Compresses only as long as breast is soft & pliable.
  • When optimal compression for best image quality is reached, it stops automatically.
  • Individualized maximum compression level


Digital mammography system – Mammomat Fusion – OpView

Customized Image impression with flexible OpView

  • Range of predefined image impressions
  • Personalized “default settings” can be adjusted.
  • Enhanced contrast setting
  • Configuration by application
Low operating costs, interesting service packages and high patient throughput help you to get your money’s worth.
  • Attractive system price for everyday screening and diagnostics
  • Robust and reliable detector technology
  • High patient throughput
  • Individualized Siemens service packaging
  • Ideally suited reading station: syngo plaza