Aptio AutomationDrive one-touch workflow efficiency in open, single- and multidiscipline labs

Power end-to-end diagnostic testing in your lab using IT, engineering, and service innovations continually designed, delivered, and supported by experts.

Given the broad mix of testing performed by most labs—and the staffing, financial, and operational pressures they face—an effective total lab automation (TLA) system needs to be about possibilities, not limitations. Aptio® Automation offers unrivaled analyzer connectivity, flexible pre-and post-analytical sample processing options, and innovative approaches to increase and sustain workflow efficiency without sacrificing operational reliability.

Features & Benefits

Open connectivity across 11 specialties, 50+ different analyzers from, 20+ manufacturers

Unrivaled analyzer connectivity
We understand that your instruments may come from several manufacturers and will change over time. We strive to maintain our strong leadership in this critical area. 

In single- or multidiscipline TLA, you can connect an unrivaled number and variety of analyzers—including molecular and urinalysis — and automation modules in highly flexible track configurations.

Expand within the existing TLA footprint

Seamless connectivity to Atellica® Solution supports high-volume chemistry and immunoassay testing in flexible configurations. Easily add analyzers without new automation touchpoints.

Whether you want simple mechanization of tasks such as centrifugation and decapping or demand lab-specific workflows that require sample mixing or proportional aliquoting, you can connect as many automation modules and single- or multidiscipline analyzers as needed in highly flexible track configurations.

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Post-analytical Options

Flexible Track Design

Pre-analytical Options

    Innovative approaches to drive workflow efficiency without sacrificing reliability

    Comparing TLA solutions is not simple. Throughput comparisons of individual components don’t reflect interdependent performance in response to your test mix and hourly peaks. They may disregard the ability of IT to streamline workflows and avoid repeat or unnecessary testing. As part of our initial consultations, we will calculate highly accurate performance projections for your unique configuration. And we focus on continually delivering new engineering, IT, and service innovations that drive real operational efficiency, including on-track automated workflows for:

    • Sample mixing to support workflows such as whole-blood HbA1c testing on high-throughput Atellica CH Analyzers
    • Sample volume, level, and integrity checks for hemolysis, icterus, and lipemia for early evaluation before testing
    • Integrated testing of small-volume tubes to eliminate manual handling, enabling one-touch pediatric testing
    • 3-minute centrifugation using select BD BARRICOR plasma blood collection tubes to improve turnaround times

    Continuous engineering

    A comprehensive and expanding set of pre- and post-analytical modules supports highly customized, end-to-end testing workflows. 

    Integrated IT amplifies TLA performance. Improve oversight, TAT, quality, result management, KPIs, and clinical decision support
    Tube being transported

    Single-tube transport

    Mix prioritized STAT and routine testing using efficient tube transport on a reliable platform  that has led TLA innovation for 20+ years.

    Total lab automation is a journey

    Having completed 2300+ TLA projects worldwide, Siemens Healthineers has the process, experience, and people to deliver the results you need. Learn about the workflow consulting, project management, and aftercare services delivered to improve the long-term ROI and useful lifespan of your Aptio Automation solution. 

    Design must be realistic but visionary

    Experienced workflow consultants will design and periodically fine-tune your solution using patented, data-driven tools to maintain optimized workflows in a constantly changing testing environment.

    Maintain operations during implementation

    Experience a positive and enduring working relationship as our LEAN-accredited project managers expertly deliver your Aptio Automation solution.

    Doctor on the phone

    High-availability after-care service

    Count on award-winning online, on-site, and over-the-phone support and service experts with 24x7 availability worldwide to support you during normal use.


    Real opportunities: Consider what you can achieve 

    Large and small laboratories are reaping the benefits of consolidated, open, single- and multidiscipline testing as part of an Aptio Automation TLA solution. The following short videos quantify improved staff productivity, reduced turnaround times, and increased testing capacity achieved in large and small labs around the world.*