Photon counting CT (PCCT) technology

with Quantum Technology

CT redefined.


We are proud to introduce the world’s first photon-counting CT. NAEOTOM Alpha® with Quantum Technology is nothing less than the total reinvention of computed tomography.

Based on the revolutionary direct signal conversion of its QuantaMax detector, NAEOTOM Alpha offers high-resolution images at minimal dose, spectral information in every scan, and improved contrast at lower noise.

Benefit from a range of clinical options and breakthrough consistency never seen before – for confident clinical decision-making and the potential to scan previously excluded patients.

Experience a defining moment in computed tomography.


Welcome to the era of photon-counting

With photon-counting CT, we have developed a radically new technology for clinical routine. At its core is a new kind of detector that is substantially different from a standard energy-integrating detector.

These photon-counting detectors have the potential to overcome the limitations of current CT detectors, by providing CT data at high spatial resolution, without electronic noise, and with inherent spectral information.



NAEOTOM Alpha offers an easy and streamlined way to get quantitative information in addition to morphology. By matching the appropriate protocols to patients and by combining all necessary acquisitions into a single scan, NAEOTOM Alpha enables smart navigation through the diagnostic pathway.

NAEOTOM Alpha enables previously impracticable exams

Spectral high-res lung CTA

0.4 mm slice thickness
Cinematic VRT
100 keV monoenergetic recon

Impressive details with NAEOTOM Alpha

Spectral high-res lung CTA

0.4 mm slice thickness
100 keV monoenergetic recon
CTDIvol: 3.57 mGy

Technical Details

  1. Powerful low-dose performance
    with Vectron® X-ray tubes and Tin Filter 2 x 120 kW (1300 mA @ 90 kV)

  2. Quantum Technology
    Benefit from equal energy contribution, small detector pixels, eliminated electronic noise, and intrinsic spectral sensitivity.

  3. QuantaMax detectors
    Cadmium telluride-based photon-counting detectors with 6 cm z-coverage and over
    1.3M detector elements

  4. Uncompromised patient experience
    Patient table goes as low as
    38 cm.
    82 cm bore size.
    Visual Patient Instruction to help patients.

  5. Dual Source technology
    NAEOTOM Alpha is a Dual Source system, enabling a high pitch of up to 3.2 and a temporal resolution down to 66 ms.

  6. Data processing
    Quantum Image Reconstruction and Coupled Coax data transmission

  7. AI-enabled user experience
    based on the mobile workflow with GO technologies and up to five dockable tablets, myExam Companion, myExam Satellite, and the FAST 3D Camera

X-ray tubes

2 x Vectron X-ray tubes


2 x QuantaMax photon-counting CT detectors

Number of acquired slices

2 x 144 slices


Up to 1300 mA

Temporal resolution

Down to 66 ms


90, 120, 140 kV
Sn100, Sn140 kV


144 x 0.4 mm
120 x 0.2 mm (UHR)

Spatial resolution

0.11 mm (in-plane) in UHR mode


2 x 120 kW

Table load

Up to 307 kg


Up to 737 mm/s (with Turbo Flash)

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