Chek-stik QC Box and DipTubes

Chek-Stix Urinalysis Liquid Quality Control Products

Quality control made effortless

As a leader in urinalysis, Siemens Healthineers strives to deliver quality solutions you can trust. Healthcare and laboratory professionals rely on Siemens Healthineers to ensure consistent, accurate results and help streamline operations. Building on that legacy of leadership and trust, Siemens Healthineers is proud to deliver the latest innovation in its urinalysis portfolio —Chek-Stix® Liquid Quality Control solutions.

For more information and to view the analyte configuration, please download the product Infosheet.

Decentralized Urinalysis

Chek-Stix UA Diptube Liquid QC

Streamline your daily operations with a liquid-ready urinalysis solution for use with Siemens Healthineers point-of-care urinalysis instruments and reagents, including 12 parameters and hCG.

Chek Stix key benefits bullet list
Chek-Stix UA Diptube Liquid QC contains both Level 1 (negative for all chemistry parameters and positive for hCG) and Level 2 (positive for all chemistry parameters and negative for hCG), packaged in one box. Both Level 1 and Level 2 diptube controls are ready-to-use liquid quality controls for use with the CLINITEK Status®+ Analyzer, CLINITEK Advantus® Analyzer, and visual-read urine strips.
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