ACUSON SequoiaAddressing the challenges of vascular ultrasound​


Obesity incidence is on the rise in the United States. Linked to more than 60 chronic diseases1 including several that directly affect cardiovascular health, vascular ultrasound is at the forefront in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease.

Optimize User Experience

The ACUSON Sequoia was designed with the power to scan faster and deliver more image clarity and penetration than conventional ultrasound systems8. Leverage the latest innovations in ultrasound to address user-variability and personalize when it matters in an ultrasound system that is designed by the user, for the user.

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Addressing unwarranted variability 

Sequoia Variability infographic

ACUSON Sequoia was built from the ground up with a new imaging architecture enabling powerful automation in each major mode to reduce ultrasound variability while improving diagnostic confidence.

Breakthrough automated image optimization in B-mode, advanced color flow Doppler, and spectral Doppler reduce operator dependence and provide consistently high exam quality across operators in an Ultrasound lab or practice.

Powered by BioAcoustic imaging technology, introducing important design elements that are built rather than added on, the ACUSON Sequoia system overcomes limitations and design compromises of previous ultrasound system technology.

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Personalize when it matters

ACUSON Sequoia is designed with dedicated tools to increase diagnostic confidence for technically difficult patients often limited by traditional ultrasound technology.


The DAX employs an advanced form of Multi-D beam formation that controls beam thickness and beam formation in order to enable high quality imaging up to 40 cm.

Deep Vascular Transducer (7L2) 

The 7L2 is a single crystal transducer providing 35% deeper B-mode penetration and 58% deeper color mode penetration than the conventional vascular transducer.9

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An optimized user experience


In a 3rd party usability study, ACUSON Sequoia rated 1st in Ease of Use, Task Success Rates, and Image Satisfaction with an overall usability score of 86 percent.​10


Obese patients often require excessive pressure that can result in overexertion of the upper extremity.

As a result of the excessive pressure that is often required to image bariatric patients, there is a high incidence of ultrasound work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD) among sonographers. According to a recent publication, patient obesity is reported as the most significant barrier to practicing ergonomic scanning techniques.12

Achieve up to 40% reduced scan times with flexible Workflow Protocols15

Workflow protocols allow the operator to focus on patient care, rather than the system. ACUSON Sequoia Workflow Protocols allow additional flexibility with dedicated controls and advanced skip when encountering pathology or circumstances outside of the normal exam. 

Comprehensive Vascular Measurements and Reporting
Flexible measurement and reporting packages are critical to the vascular lab. ACUSON Sequoia offer custom measurement packages and vascular subgroups. In addition, both labelled measurements and custom measurements support DICOM Structured Reporting for improved reporting accuracy on the front end and back end.


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