ACUSON Sequoia

Addressing the challenges of vascular ultrasound

The ACUSON Sequoia was designed with the power to scan faster and deliver more image clarity and penetration than conventional ultrasound systems.*

Learn how Diana Neuhardt, RPhs, RVT, FSVU uses the ACUSON Sequoia in clinical practice to improve diagnostic accuracy for her patients.

“One of the reasons we selected the ACUSON Sequoia is the sensitivity and specificity compared to other ultrasound units was far superior.”

Powerful automation in each major mode for improved diagnostic confidence

InFocus Imaging and Auto-TEQ<br />

Improve image quality and image uniformity with automatic gain management and focusing of the image at all depths eliminating the need for manual focal zones.

Reduce color flash and color artifacts with no user interaction for increased consistency, improved image quality and workflow.

Automatically optimize relevant Doppler parameters immediately upon freeze for improved spectral analysis and workflow. Even post process all Doppler parameters including the scale eliminating the need to reacquire the waveform.

Increase diagnostic confidence for technically difficult patients often limited by conventional technology


Deep Abdominal Transducer (DAX)<br />

The Deep Abdominal Transducer (DAX) employs an advanced form of Multi-D beam formation that controls beam thickness and beam formation in order to enable high quality imaging up to 40cm.

DAX delivers deeper color Doppler penetration than conventional ultrasound which help acquiring those challenging views easier than with conventional ultrasound.

A user interface design that reduces complexity and allows new users to simply walk up and use the system.




User interface is the result of input from 365 ultrasound users in 170 workshops sessions. Includes novel technology such as Gesture Detecting Transducers which active by simply double tapping for improved exam workflow

Workflow Protocols<br />

Reduce scan time and facilitate consistent exams with an unlimited number of customizable protocols. Advanced skip options and dedicated controls provide intuitive workflow when encountering circumstances outside the normal exam.

Measurements and Reporting<br />

Improve reporting workflow through comprehensive measurement packages and custom subgroups. Both labelled measurements and custom measurements support DICOM Structured Reporting for improved reporting accuracy and workflow.

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