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Your mission is our mission. Find out how our unique service approach can enable you to achieve an advantage.

Service Advantage
Service Advantage
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Customer-centricity + innovation = The Advantage

We focus on your success

Siemens Healthineers is focused on what matters most to our customers – from providing the upmost quality in patient care and satisfaction, to reducing risk and improving the bottom line. By taking a customer- and digital-first approach with our tailored, innovative service offerings, we can enable you to have the competitive advantage you need to increase value at lower cost.

With our unique service advantage, you can benefit from:

Service Awards & Recognition

# 1 in Service, Customer Satisfaction, and System Performance

Siemens Healthineers is ranked #1 by IMV ServiceTrak in three service category areas: Best Service, Best Customer Satisfaction, and Best System Performance.

    Best System Performance
    Best Customer Satisfaction
    Best Service
    Best System Performance
    Best Customer Satisfaction
  • Best of Nuclear Medicine (SPECT)
    Best System Performance
    Best Customer Satisfaction
    Best Service

Siemens Healthineers is the preferred partner among leading OEMs1

According to KLAS: Medical Imaging Performance Report, Siemens Healthineers was cited as reliable, innovative, and the vendor most likely to be chosen for future agreements. Download the KLAS Performance Report 2014 to see how Siemens Healthineers has the edge over the competition.

1 Source: “KLAS® Performance Report”, November 2014. © KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

“We equip our staff to produce the highest quality results and provide exceptional service to our patients. Siemens is responsible for helping us to achieve these goals. And they have done that to this very day.” Ali Lalani, Senior Biomedical Scientist, King’s College Hospital

Weigh Your Options When Selecting a Service Partner

With expected increases in patient volumes and decreases in reimbursements, you can’t afford anything less than high levels of performance and productivity from your Siemen Healthineers equipment.

Explore the tools below and discover the difference Siemens Healthineers can make. As a trusted partner for your business, we offer exponential value with exclusive service solutions, continued innovation, and unmatched expertise. So you can focus on delivering better patient care while still managing costs.

Calculate your costs of a down room

When your equipment needs servicing, the cost of downtime can add up quickly. The longer service takes, the more revenue you could lose.

Find out how much revenue is at risk with our Downtime Calculator.

OEM vs. Third Party? Compare your options.

To keep your imaging equipment up to par, service really isn’t optional. But you do have a choice of your service partner. Doesn’t it make sense to protect that investment with high-quality service? Would it be worth the risk to rely on a third-party vendor that doesn’t have the expertise of Siemens Healthineers? Download our service comparison worksheet and compare your options.
Get a side-by-side comparison 0.1 MB

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