Keep critical NICU testing close to your patients

Accelerate treatment decisions and minimize sampling for effective neonatal careKeep critical NICU testing close to your patients

Keep critical NICU testing close to your patients

There is a highly significant correlation between blood loss from sampling and transfused blood volume; the highest frequencies of sampling occurring during the first week of life, in very preterm infants and in critically ill infants.1 The number of blood samples taken and the amount of blood taken during blood sampling should be kept at a minimum.1,2

Neonatal care can be especially challenging. Patient status can change very quickly, making the need for rapid test results an imperative. Additionally, babies subjected to the rigors of repeated blood draws can experience serious deficiencies, requiring multiple transfusions. The interruption of constant blood sampling and monitoring is detrimental to the sleep patterns that are desperately needed for their growth and improved health status.

Immediate blood analysis from bedside testing technology gives neonatal caregivers the ability to assess and respond therapeutically to critical parameters such as fluid loss, ventilation, metabolism and effects from anticoagulant usage.

The epoc® Blood Analysis System is a handheld, wireless solution that provides blood gas, electrolyte and metabolite results at the patient’s bedside in approximately 30 seconds after sample introduction. Streamlining the process provides critical information with the fewest steps, which can lead to clinician efficiencies, staff optimization and ultimately, better patient care.

In the NICU, the epoc system provides immediate access to critical test results.

  • Support better patient and staff experience by running a full menu of 13 tests on 1 test card with one blood draw.
  • Minimize sampling with capillary samples for effective neonatal care
  • Reduce blood wastage and turnaround time with post-calibration sample application, reducing need for re-sticks for difficult to obtain patient samples
  • Lower turnaround time and inventory management costs with a room temperature storage test card for immediate availability at the patient’s bedside
  • Faster therapeutic intervention enabled by immediate access to critical results wirelessly
  • Simplified quality control so you concentrate on patient testing

With the epoc system, you can deliver outcomes that matter by spending less time on your process and more time with your patients.

“In our pediatric hospital setting, the epoc system showed excellent precision and accuracy…These findings, together with the low cost, room temperature storage of test cards and availability of metabolites such as lactate, glucose, and creatinine along with the wireless connectivity of the epoc system, provide an operational advantage over other point-of-care blood gas analyzers currently available.”

Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, USA3,4

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