Make care more efficient with 13 tests on one card and zero refrigeration

Make care more efficient with 13 tests on one card and zero refrigerationBring cost-effective critical care closer to your patients

By moving or keeping patient testing at the bedside, patients, caregivers, and the laboratory can benefit from a simpler, more efficient process that can improve operational efficiency and reduce turnaround times. A handheld, portable blood gas analyzer, the epoc® Blood Analysis System provides blood gas, basic metabolic panel with hematocrit, and lactate results at the patient-side—in less than 1 minute.

For critical cases like those in the NICU or suspected sepsis, a fast time to result could significantly impact the cost of care. Treatment delays in sepsis, for example, carry a financial cost that begins to accrue the moment infection is suspected.1

With the epoc system, you can gain cost efficiencies by:

  • Improving inventory management: a full menu of 13 critical tests on 1 test card can reduce the need to store and manage different test cartridge configurations.
  • Reducing refrigeration costs: the epoc system uses a single, room temperature-stable card with up to 5 months of shelf life. No refrigeration is needed.
  • Limiting sample waste: calibration on the epoc system occurs before the sample is introduced, reducing waste.

With the epoc system, deliver outcomes that matter by spending less time and money on your process and more time with your patients.

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