N Latex FLC kappa

N Latex FLC kappa and N Latex FLC lambda Assays

Add consistency to monoclonal gammopathy testing

Free Light Chains (FLC) kappa and lambda assays for use on BN™ II and BN ProSpec® Systems are designed for improved management of patients with monoclonal gammopathies. Optimized lot-to-lot to reproducibility leads to consistent and reliable results that allow safe diagnosis as well as the sensitive detection of changes in follow-up testing.

Add confidence to screening and diagnosis of monoclonal gammopathies with N Latex FLC kappa and N Latex FLC lambda assays on the BN II and BN ProSpec Systems.

  • High specificity based on monoclonal antibodies
  • Excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Pre-reaction protocol ensuring high antigen excess security
  • Flexible kit design-reagents, supplementary reagent, standard, and controls are available separately and can be freely combined

Features & Benefits

Consistent Results Assist with Refined Management Strategy

Since 2009, the determination of free light chains (FLC) is part of the officially recommended screening panel for multiple myeloma.1,2 Furthermore, FLC determination provides prognostic information and helps in screening and diagnosis. Reliable results are a prerequisite for a consistently high sensitivity in screening and diagnosis.


Can Optimized Lot-to-Lot Reproducibility and Antigen Excess Security Improve the Management of Patients with Monoclonal Gammopathy?
The N Latex FLC kappa and N Latex FLC lambda assays offer a reliable and convenient way to determine free light chains on Siemens automated immunonephelometric systems.          

Excellent lot-to-lot consistency

  • Adds consistency to patient results. Reliable follow-up of patients with different reagent lots.
  • Ensures optimized patient management by earlier recognition of a potential relapse or resulting therapy adjustments – overall an improved patient outcome. 

Improved antigen excess security

  • Feel more confident through detection of high-dose hook effects.
  • Improve cost-effectiveness due to fewer. 

Convenient packaging concept

  • Reduce costs by high flexible and reagent independent packaging concept: all components can be ordered separately. Neither waste nor lack of standard and controls.
  • Add confidence to screening and diagnosis of monoclonal gammopathies with assays and systems from Siemens.

1) Kyle RA, Raikumar SV; Leukemia 2009; 23: 3-9.
2) Dispenzieri A, Kyle R, Merlini G, et al.; Leukemia 2009; 23: 215-24.


Assay principle

Latex-enhanced immunonephelometry

Sample type

Serum, EDTA plasma

Measuring time

12 minutes

Reference range

FLC kappa: 8.24 – 28.9 mg/L
FLC lambda: 9.10 – 32.6 mg/L
FLC ratio: 0.53 – 1.51

Initial measuring range

3.4 – 110 mg/L for FLC Kappa
1.9 – 60 mg/L for FLC Lambda

Reagent Onboard Stability

5 days at 8 hours each (BN II System), 4 weeks (BN ProSpec)

Calibration frequency

6 weeks

Antigen excess security

FLC kappa: up to 27,100 mg/L
FLC lambda: up to 57,300 mg/L

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