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The c.cam cardiac camera allows you to perform high-quality scans in a small space without costly renovation fees. Its comfortable, reclining chair supports patients up to 450 pounds, and the bi-pivotal camera moves up and around the patient – helping to minimize rescans while maximizing your return on investment.

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Features & Benefits

Get up and running quickly and easily

Budget-friendly with a low total cost of ownership

With low camera cost, low installation cost, and five years of warranty included, the c.cam has a low total cost of ownership and gives you the flexibility to scan patients quickly and conveniently. The high image quality and high throughput may allow you to increase the number of patients you are able to scan--improving your overall bottom line.

Improve patient experience with a comfortable design

An inviting, open design with a comfortable reclining chair makes for a patient-friendly experience, especially for patients with COPD or other lung issues who have difficulty breathing when lying prone. The bi-pivotal camera moves up and around the patient, reducing motion artifacts and potentially minimizing the need for re-scans.

Clinical Use

With our proprietary HD Detectors and Autoform collimators, the c.cam delivers the high image quality you expect from Siemens Healthineers.

Technical Specifications

Crystal Thickness8.5 mm
Detector Dimension (FoV)37 x 21.4 cm (14.6 x 8.4 in.)
Energy Range60-170 keV
System Planar Sensitivity (LEHR Collimator @ 10 cm at 140 keV)170 cpm/μCi


Patient Chair20°
Tilt Range20°
Attenuation @ 140 keV0% in cut-out area
Maximum Patient Weight450 lb.
Minimum Access Height58.5 cm (23 in.)


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