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Theranostics for personalized 
cancer care

Empowering precision oncology

Personalizing cancer care demands the right tools in order to get patients the right treatment at the right time. Our integrated value chain of precision oncology tools equips theranostics programs with state-of-the-art solutions at every step of the theranostics care pathway.

What is theranostics?

Cancer incidence rates continue to rise worldwide with an expectation of 20 million new cases by 2030.1,2

As cancer incidence rates continue to rise worldwide, there is a growing need to prioritize precision oncology.1,2 Theranostics enables precision oncology by personalizing cancer care.

Theranostics is an innovative concept of personalized therapy that focuses on both the accurate selection of patients and providing them with targeted radioligand therapy to improve their prognosis.It refers to structurally similar diagnostic and therapeutic agents that share a molecular-specific target that involves the use of molecular imaging techniques to identify, personalize, and monitor therapy response. It makes use of pharmaceuticals, such as radioligands, to target and treat specific areas. 

By imaging with targeted radioligands (eg, 68Ga-PSMA PET), you can plan radionuclide therapies using a similar. targeted ligand labeled with a therapeutic tracer (eg, 177Lu-PSMA).4

Theranostics care pathway

theranostics cancer care pathway

Theranostics in comprehensive cancer care demands precision at every step of the patient care pathway.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to theranostics, so no matter where your institution is on its theranostics journey, we want to empower you with the tools you need to plan, implement, and expand your program to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Our integrated theranostics value chain of precision oncology solutions

From targeted development to therapy solutions—precision oncology tools at every step of the theranostics care pathway

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Establishing a theranostics program

Establish an innovative theranostics program13 for tomorrow with confidence in our comprehensive value chain and trusted expertise. We are committed to personalizing theranostics solutions for you, so you can focus on personalizing care for patients. 

Together, let's set the standard in precision oncology to help patients get the right treatment at the right time.






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