Alzheimer's key visual

Navigating the Evolving Course of Alzheimer's Disease Management

Illustration of Patient and healthcare professional with the text: By 2050 100 million people with dementia

100 Million People 

By 2050, 100 million people may have dementia.1 Screening for Alzheimer’s Disease and differentiating it from other dementia forms will be essential to patient care.

Illustration of senior citizens with the text: 1 in 5 misdiagnosed


1 in 5 Alzheimer’s cases may be misdiagnosed.2 Alzheimer's disease is often misdiagnosed, possibly causing undue stress for those who don't have the disease but are told they do, and delays in treatment for others.

Healthcare professional on a computer with the text: ARIA 10-30%

ARIA Incidence

New disease modifying therapies for Alzheimer's disease have emerged. However, the rate of incidence of their well known side effect, Amyloid Related Imaging Abnormalities (ARIA), was 10-30% in clinical trials.3 Therapeutic monitoring will be key to patient safety.

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