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Your Clinical Team

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Belle MacIver, Southeast

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Teri Searle, Northeast

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Robin Wilson, Central

Your Corporate Team

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Abby Weldon

Director, Women's Health

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Samantha Stein

Product Manager

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Lisa Beul

Clinical Education Consultant

5 Reasons Why MAMMOMAT Revelation is Better

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Clinically proven, the unique 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis in MAMMOMAT Revelation helps you gain valuable insights, enabling more accurate1 and earlier detection of breast cancer. With the highest depth resolution2 MAMMOMAT Revelation is designed for superior cancer detection1, personalized care, and high cost-effectiveness


Pain and discomfort are the top reasons why women skip their mammograms. MAMMOMAT Revelation is built to be better. Compression technology reduces squeeze by finding optimal compression for each breast. Soft-edge paddles contour to the breast for a soothing fit. All without compromising the superior accuracy of 50-degree Wide-Angle technology.


With 50o TomoFlow, you can perform up to ten 4-view tomosynthesis exams per hour3 with no compromise in accuracy. You will experience efficient workflows and no more waiting times between tomo views. Our one-click philosophy reduces unnecessary steps in your workflows – the system automatically gets ready for the next view and moves to the corresponding position with one touch.

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Here are 4 ways MAMMOMAT Revelation helps you maximize your investment: 

  1. Increase throughput with 6-minute, 4-view wide-angle tomosynthesis exams 
  2. Experience 90% less downtime with Turbo Calibration 
  3. The most advanced technologies come standard 
  4. Save time with InSpect to scan specimens directly at the system within 20 seconds
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When lives depend on the right diagnosis, you need the confidence that you can deliver. That calls for a trusted partner to help ensure systems are performing properly, staff are trained and processes optimized, so you can concentrate on providing answers. Our custom solutions are tailored to improving healthcare outcomes and helping you realize your goals.

Your Customer Care Center

Customer Care Center

Count on your Customer Care Center to match you with the support you need to make your imaging center a success.

It’s where you go for tech support after apps has left.

  • Our tech team will log on to your system to fix what’s wrong.
  • Our apps team will remind you when you forget how to do something.
  • Our e-learning options will help you self-learners find new answers on their own.

Call us. We can't wait to help.

Hours: 8-8 ET, M-F

Phone Number: 800-888-7436

Customer Care Team

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Wanda Leclerc

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LaJuan Barrett

See How It's Done

These 10 video vignettes provide simple “how to” instruction on a specific MAMMOMAT Revelation feature. Click on each one and begin your learning now!

Face shields

How to attach and remove mag stand

How to attach and remove paddles

Revelation Quick Guide

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Use the Revelation Quick Guide for fast tips and tricks, reminders and best practices. Instead of shifting through pages of the user manual, the Revelation Quick Guide lets you find what you are looking for quickly.

Connecting You with Smarter Knowledge Tools


PEPconnect is your go-to source for education and performance tools on MAMMOMAT Revelation. Content is focused on raising the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individual learners on your staff.

  • Access to education and real-time performance support, anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • An intuitive-to-use and easy-to-navigate interface

It’s home to these tools:

  • Web-based and e-learning training (CEU)
  • Job aids (step-by-step guide when you don’t know how to do something)
  • How-to videos
  • Virtual instructor-led trainings (VILT)

Choose from two packages

Package 1: Online Courses for CEU Credit to ART License eLearning (price depends on desired CEU count)

Package 2: PepConnections - It puts you in charge! Assign e-learnings to staff and track them.