Atellica Solution: Transforming care delivery

Fast, flexible, accurate, and responsive—that’s Atellica and so am I.

Clinical labs, and the professionals who run them, are playing an increasingly vital role in transforming care delivery. Those who thrive in this new environment will be fast, efficient, and precise, both in and out of their clinical environments. The Atellica® Solution reflects these traits, enabling users to improve outcomes for their labs, and the physicians and patients they ultimately serve.

The Atellica Solution is a flexible, scalable, automation-ready immunoassay and chemistry system that can be configured to accommodate all workloads and spatial requirements to future-proof your lab. With fast throughput and reliable turnaround times, your clinicians get precise results when they need them, maximizing their time for treatment planning.

Optimizing clinical operations. Increasing workforce productivity. Improving access to care.
The Atellica Solution provides the speed, control, and efficiency you need to invest in your future—all while giving you the freedom to focus on what really matters: making smart, innovative contributions that drive better outcomes.

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