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Atellica® Solution

Complete lab automation, integrated.

Packed with features to amplify your work.

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Built-in Decapping

What if you never had to remove a cap again? Decapping now comes standard with every Atellica Solution.  Help solve staffing challenges and increase throughput with the Atellica Decapper.

Atellica Built-in Sealer

Built-in Sealer

Reduce labor, save post-analytic processing time, and streamline sample processing in your lab. The easily replaceable foil reel contains 20,000 seals, sealing up to 480 tubes/hour.

Healthcare professionals looking at Atellica® CI 1900 user interface

Intuitive User Interface

Introducing the new Atellica User Interface. A new user interface, a better user experience. Designed to be user-friendly, yet robust enough to handle even your most complex tasks.

Atellica Solution Assays

Customer Success Stories

Singing River Health System Jackson County, MS, USA

Singing River Health System 

Jackson County, MS, USA
Singing River Health System is a three-hospital system that processes 1.8 million lab CPTs per year. Working together with Siemens Healthineers, they've adopted the Atellica Solution to increase their laboratories' throughput and decrease turnaround times.

Swedish Hospital Chicago, IL, USA

Swedish Hospital 

Chicago, IL, USA
Learn how Atellica Solution, Aptio® Automation, and Atellica® Data Manager have helped to simplify operations and enable Chicago-based Swedish Hospital to transform into a model laboratory for clinical workflow optimization and staff satisfaction.

UNC Health Network Chapel Hill, NC, USA

UNC Health Network

Chapel Hill, NC, USA
When UNC Health needed to choose a healthcare partner they had three metrics for success: clinical lab staffing, expanded testing capabilities and better quality of care for their patients.  Learn how Siemens Healthineers addressed each of these challenges and created a blueprint for success.

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