Improving patient experience


Today, the patient journey is still in its infancy. Proactive patients increasingly choose healthcare providers who can respond to their needs.
Improving patient experience is about improving the sum of all interactions that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care. This starts with engaging people before they become patients and continues with the diagnostic and therapeutic experience in a care setting. Ultimately, what matters to patients are treatment outcomes that lead to a higher quality of life. Patients tend to stay loyal to health systems that create excellent experiences and deliver positive results.


Jason Wolf, President and Founder of The Beryl Institute and Founding Editor of the Patient Experience Journal (PXJ)
4 pillars of ‘Expanding precision medicine’Engage patients and familiesOptimize diagnostic experienceDeliver outcomes that matter to patientsSustain patient loyalty
  1. Proactive outreach and education to engage patients in managing their health and wellness.
  2. Patient friendly technology. Potential for shorter waiting time. Reduced travel needs.
  3. Potential for fewer side effects, fewer complications and improved lasting therapy results.
  4. Patients access their data and caregivers. Care continuity through automated outreach.

Key document

Improving the Patient Experience: A Four Part-Approach to Delivering the Care Patients want and need

The increasingly competitive healthcare market is facing the problem of balancing the need to deliver good clinical outcomes with demands for patient satisfaction.

We explored the approaches of leading healthcare organizations and created a four-part strategy to improve patient experience by delivering the care they want and need.

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