CT Oncology EngineDriving progress through comprehensive follow-up assessment.

Get further. With the CT Oncology Engine.
Enhance your clinical capabilities when assessing a patient's oncological treatment response during follow-up - with comprehensive visual trending information. Having historical data set in relation to current measurements allows you gain profound insights. With the CT Oncology Engine, you can also improve your process efficiency with smart applications that automatically provide CAD results, enable you to quickly differentiate between responders and non-responders.

Features & Benefits

Enhance your clinical capabilities with visual trending information for comprehensive treatment evaluation in oncological follow-up.

Follow-up information with a single mouse click
  • Follow-up information with a single mouse click
    syngo.PET&CT Cross-Timepoint Evaluation provides condensed follow-up information on a patient's oncological treatment response – by calculating and displaying relevant visual trending over time. To create a comprehensive summary, syngo.via automatically registers prior time points, extracts previous measurements, and sets them in relation to current semi-automatic lesion measurements. On the basis of the trending graph, you can compare RECIST or volume or any other measured parameter. And the color-coded trending VRT visualizes tumor size changes at a glance.

The CT Oncology applications provide you with professional reading tools so you can get the most out of your CT datasets.

CT Oncology Engine - Benefit from computer-aided detection
  • Benefit from computer-aided detection
    Increase your reading efficiency with CAD (computer-aided detection) second-reader support – everywhere. When a chest CT arrives on its server, syngo.via immediately starts pre-processing. Because syngo.CT Lung CAD is available right at your syngo.via workplace, you have the CAD results available the moment you open the patient's case. And thanks to Rapid Results Technology, the CAD results are immediately available in your PACS environment, too.


CT Oncology Engine - Analyze a tumor's viability early on
  • Analyze a tumor’s viability early on
    Enhance patient outcomes with early therapeutic assessment. syngo.CT Body Perfusion2 allows in-depth evaluation of a tumor's viability by examining its perfusion and vascularization. So you can decide at an early stage if a patient is responding to the therapy.


CT Oncology Engine– Utilize the full potential of virtualization
  • Utilize the full potential of virtualization
    Improve quality of care by virtually planning liver resection surgeries. Because once the patient is in the operating room, you should already know the right approach. syngo.CT Liver Analysis2 lets you try out different options and precisely measure resected volumes beforehand. It even provides a virtual scalpel. And you can share the virtual plan with your referring surgeons.
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