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Lung Care Imaging SolutionsBronchoscopic Interventions: cone-beam CT for intraprocedural verification of lesion or tool placement

Learn how the Cios Spin mobile c-arm with cone-beam CT provides real time lesion visualization and tool-in-lesion verification for increased navigation success

But even with widely adopted techniques, there can be challenges, including accurate lesion targeting and diagnostic yields, access to intraprocedural imaging, and cost-effectiveness.

The Cios Spin mobile c-arm with true cone-beam CT (3D) imaging and 2D fluoroscopy can help to address these challenges.

Low diagnostic yield (~50%) by transbronchial biopsies can be a reality with standard approaches such as traditional fluoroscopic or ultrasound guidance.1,2 However, cone-beam CT can be used to improve rates of tool-in-lesion success and has been associated with increase in diagnostic yield1-6 greater than 90%7. In one study, tool-in-lesion confirmation was the strongest predictor of biopsy success.5

The Cios Spin mobile c-arm with true cone-beam CT imaging can be used for intraprocedural verification of lesion and tool placement.1,2,6

Doubling Number of biopsies due to screening

Many procedure rooms are small in size and access to the Hybrid OR may be limited, making options for flexible imaging important.8 With a footprint less than 13 square feet, the Cios Spin Mobile C-arm with cone-beam CT technology can be used in procedural rooms of virtually any size. With its compact and mobile platform, it can be wheeled from room to room, and used independently of Hybrid OR scheduling.

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Applications of cone-beam CT imaging in bronchoscopic interventions are at play from diagnosis through treatment. Accurate tissue sampling and associated earlier diagnoses may translate to more treatment options for patients and providers.

Additionally, the Cios Spin offers technology that can be a true multidisciplinary imaging solution across service lines, which may help to expand return on investment.

The Cios Spin mobile c-arm offers 2D fluoroscopy and true cone-beam CT (3D) imaging from a single mobile platform, without the time and costs associated with fixed room installation.9

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The Cios Spin’s cone-beam CT technology can be used alone with traditional transbronchial biopsy techniques, or to enhance adjunctive imaging and navigation technologies1; including endobronchial ultrasound2, electromagnetic navigation4, virtual bronchoscopic navigation3 and robotic navigation6. While the Cios Spin can be used to complement several navigation technologies, Cios Spin now seamlessly integrates with Intuitive’s Ion robotic-assisted endoluminal system. Learn more.

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