6. Remain Nimble:

6. Remain Nimble: 

How to Build a Pressure Valve to Prepare for Future Challenges

Adapt to patient volume, and can help to reduce infection risks due to patient transport.

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Portable ultrasound solutions
As patient volumes climb, different departments may face different needs. Increased patient volume and varying environments require a small and portable ultrasound solution that optimizes clinical operations through rapid evaluations that can reduce the time to diagnosis.

Mobile Head CT scanners
Our mobile head CT scanner SOMATOM On.site provides access to the SOMATOM image quality, right at your patient’s bedside. This will transform the care you can provide ICU patients suffering from neuro critical conditions.

Mobile MRI scanners
Our Mobile MRIs offer high-quality imaging when and where you need it. Whether to accommodate an influx of patients or to cover downtime during the replacement of an older system, our Mobile MRIs provide improved access to care and greater flexibility, without compromising performance or patient satisfaction. It is a great solution for short-term increased volume.

Portable X-Ray Machines
In mobile X-ray imaging, it is essential to have a flexible and powerful machine that is always ready. MOBILETT Elara Max is a lightweight and compact system that offers you maximum mobility and positioning flexibility even in tight spaces – with consistently high image quality. Its easy-to-clean design make it a fully hygienic solution. Thanks to fast, secure, and seamless integration into your IT network, the machine gives you access to relevant data whenever you need it.

CT/X-ray containers
Container solutions for CT or X-ray scanners can add additional capacity to manage high patient volumes. If you want to learn more, please reach out to your sales representative or contact us.

The Resiliency Roadmap

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