Mobile MRI ScannerA complete and flexible solution.

Mobile MRI by Siemens Healthineers is designed to improve access to care while providing the same diagnostic performance as that of our fixed MRI systems. With Mobile MRI, state-of-the art healthcare can be brought to almost any facility’s doorstep. These mobile trailers are magnetically shielded and can be transported with the magnet fully energized to minimize set-up time at varying locations. Mobile MRIs can also be custom-built to meet your state or local codes and standards.

 In addition to the Mobile MAGNETOM Avanto, our number-one-selling fixed MRI system, MAGNETOM Aera, is now available in a mobile configuration. The Mobile MAGNETOM Aera offers the latest trendsetting applications such as Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine, Simultaneous Multi-Slice, GOBrain, GOBrain+, GOKnee3D, and so much more. Please note that Mobile MRI requires you to select a Siemens Healthineers-certified trailer manufacturer. This certified trailer manufacturer will ensure that the MRI is adequately protected during transport, follows the correct operating conditions, and maintains consistent and reliable performance over its lifetime.

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