Pediatric ultrasound image
Pediatric ultrasound image

​ACUSON Sequoia

A new standard in pediatric ultrasound


Kids are not small adults. Pediatric patients present unique challenges and require high-resolution imaging at high frames. Kids also need dedicated imaging tools to manage imaging needs across various depths and patient sizes.

Ultrasound is often the first line of imaging for many indications due to the reduced radiation exposure, portability, temporal resolution, and the ability to provide a diagnosis often without the need for additional imaging.


We designed the ACUSON Sequoia ultrasound system to combat the unique challenges of pediatric ultrasound. ACUSON Sequoia has dedicated pediatric transducers and measurement packages. It also scans faster and delivers more image quality than conventional ultrasound.4 ACUSON Sequoia delivers precise diagnostic accuracy in the premature neonate to the adult-sized teenager.

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Addressing unwarranted variability ​


Increased patient movement, heart rates and respiratory rates are common when imaging children and make the acquisition of high-quality b-mode, color and Doppler images a challenge.

Built from the ground up with a new imaging architecture to address these challenges, ACUSON Sequoia enables powerful automation in each major mode to reduce ultrasound variability with no user interaction.

The ACUSON Sequoia system’s powerful architecture eliminates the need for conventional focal zones to create a fully focused image with faster frame rates than conventional systems for the occasional uncooperative little ones.4

Specialized transducers optimized for pediatrics

11M3 single crystal micro-convex transducer: An innovative solution for neonatal imaging

Pediatric imaging ranges from the premature neonate to the adult sized teenager. Therefore, the imaging of pediatric patients requires both small as well as conventional footprints with adjustable frequencies to adapt to various depths and patient needs.​

ACUSON Sequoia transducers are optimized for pediatric imaging and specifically designed to produce optimal acoustics for each clinical use case to offer the best signal fidelity.

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Personalize when it matters​


Ultrasound’s advantages in pediatric imaging include the lack of ionizing radiation and the reduced need for sedation as ultrasound is a real-time imaging modality. Advanced applications such as contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) and elastography expand these advantages into additional use cases.

The ACUSON Sequoia was built from the ground up with dedicated hardware for exceptional performance in applications such as contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) and elastography.

With its industry leading performance, the ACUSON Sequoia system enables healthcare professionals to access the clinical information needed for personalized precision medicine from quantification and characterization of tissue to interventional procedures.

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An optimized user experience


Designed by users, for users
Variability is challenging. We want to eliminate it. To reduce variability, Siemens Healthineers hosted 170 workshops with 365 ultrasound users worldwide to create an ultrasound system designed by users, for users.

Best in class usability
In a 3rd party usability study, ACUSON Sequoia rated 1st in Ease of Use, Task Success Rates, and Image Satisfaction with an overall usability score of 86 percent.5

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Newborns are fragile. Their transport can be complex and hazardous. That’s why bedside pediatric ultrasound in critical care areas is normal practice for many pediatric experts. ACUSON Sequoia is a powerfully portable system. Designed to improve the ergonomic experience, the ACUSON Sequoia delivers the highest level of ultrasound imaging while delivering pediatric bedside ultrasound efficiency.
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