ACUSON Sequoia Ultrasound System

The new ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system leads the industry in image depth, image quality, color sensitivity, advanced imaging modes and user-centric workflow. Designed by users, for users, this system is built to address your challenges.

Learn how Richard G. Barr MD, PhD sees ACUSON Sequoia helping to provide more personalized care for high BMI patients and for post-ablation liver disease evaluation.

  • Get high-resolution real-time imaging throughout the entire field of view with BioAcoustic technology, designed to preserve signal fidelity and adapt to varying patient sizes.
  • Penetrate up to 40cm with DAX (Deep Abdominal Transducer), designed to work in all advanced modes, including shear wave elastography, contrast enhanced ultrasound, and fusion.


A sagittal midline image of Liver/IVC utilizing single-crystal technology with InFocus Coherent Imaging technology for uniform focus and exquisite high resolution.

See how the new ACUSON Sequoia delivers more image clarity and penetration than conventional ultrasound systems*.

Learn more about how the new ACUSON Sequoia was designed to take diagnostic ultrasound to new heights and evolve with your needs.

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